Crossroads Missions

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3231 Ruckriegel Parkway, Suite 111
Who Is CrossRoads Missions? CrossRoads Missions combines the biblical principles of worship, service and discipleship by being a doorway for churches and individuals seeking ministry opportunities in places they may otherwise have difficulty serving. CrossRoads Missions has been accomplishing this goal by bringing people of all ages into missions in the United States and foreign fields since 1993. These experiences greatly challenge those who participate to consider deeper involvement in ministry in both the world and their own communities. Mission teams who participate with CrossRoads Missions are involved in multiple areas of ministry including: construction, medical missions, education, discipleship, evangelism, worship, and disaster relief. CrossRoads Missions enhances existing local ministries,supporting them with additional resources they may be unable to provide. CrossRoads Missions achieves its highest level of effectiveness by working alongside of these ministries. When a CrossRoads Missions team leaves a mission field, ministering the Gospel does not. We are engaged in ministry, mission and service in Cincinnati, OH, Louisville, KY, Appalachia Kentucky, Piedras Negras, Mexico, and in the New Orleans, LA area. (Be sure to visit us on Facebook and or visit our director's blog by selecting one of the icons above and right!).

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