Miles For Merry Miracles

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New Albany
Why do some people grow up with ease, while others struggle? Why do some youth get involved in dangerous activities, while others spend their time contributing to their communities in positive ways? This has a lot to do with developmental assets which are building blocks for successful growth and development for young people. We hope that by getting youth involved in serving peers in their community and teaching students in the Good to Grow Project to eat well so their growing bodies will be healthier, they will miss less school, be more attentive, and perform better. Doing well in school can lead to higher paying jobs and minimize the risk of continued cycles of poverty. Another unique opportunity we are trying to address is youth development. Young people need organizations like Miles for Merry Miracles who have projects like Good to Grow Green who provide positive, supportive environments. Young people need to be valued by their community and have opportunities to contribute to their communities. They need enriching and constructive opportunities for growth. Youth need skills and competencies that equip them to make positive choices, build healthy relationships, and succeed in life. Young people need to develop a strong sense of their own power, purpose, worth, and promise. Miles for Merry Miracles helps develop many assets among the youth that lead and volunteer with us. These assets reduce high risk behaviors. The more assets young people have, the less likely they are to get involved in alcohol, violence, skipping school, and other high risk behaviors.