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New Albany : Clothing Drive- Sorting/Packing

Matt Fleenor
Northside Christian Church (map)
Master Provisions
Sun, April 28, 1:30pm-4:30pm
minimum age:
project description:

This is a great project for families with kids to help sort donated clothes to be packed and shipped to people in need.  You'll sort out the bad from the good, including items with holes, stains, and inappropriate clothing.  You'll also sort shoes, belts, purses, and linens which will also be sent.  You will NOT sort sizes, gender, etc.  Items get packed in bags and boxes and loaded onto a shipping container.  This shipment will go to a clothing ministry mission in Honduras.

about this mission:

Master Provisions is a Christian clothing ministry that works with churches to send donated clothes to international missions who use them as part of an outreach strategy to bring hope to people in need.

what to bring:

Feel free to help our partner by providin additional clothes, shoes, belts, purses, and linens in good condition by cleaning out your closets and bringing them to the project on ServeDay.  See below for details and since this shipment is going to Honduras, the need is for warm-weather clothing (no sweaters, jackets, or coats).

Master Provisions is trying to provide the best possible resources to help our partners in need.  Here is what our partners have requested:

 * The number one priority is that the quality of the clothing is the best possible. 
 * Good summer weight clothing is needed most but, nothing bigger than XL.
 * T-shirts, polos, dress shirts, sportswear, towels, bedsheets, and jeans. 
 * Any and all baby/children’s clothing. 

 * Quality is also a high priority in regards to shoes.
 * Sizes- Women’s: 10 & under.  Men’s: 11 & under.  Children’s: any size.
 * Good tennis/gym/running shoes, sandals and flip flops, casual shoes, and work boots. 
 * NO high heels please.

Please help Master Provisions serve God by connecting resources to needs.


Childcare is available for this project time.  

This project is being held in the parking lot in front of The Foundry at Northside Christian Church.  In the event of rain, the packing party will be moved to inside The Foundry.

If you have a pick-up truck and would be willing to use it to help move trash (boxes/bags) from this project to the trash bin, or even to take other collected items to Goodwill, that would be helpful.